Paris and the Île-de-France


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Paris and the Île-de-France


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Discover a city and its surroundings in a new light Ground-breaking reconstructions of the city at different periods Over 50 minutes of audiovisual material with both historical and geographical approaches enabling you to learn about the way Paris has evolved History and geography come together to shape the land Four audiovisual itineraries recount the beginnings and evolution of the urban form and the role played by natural phenomena human intervention and historical events You watch the city evolve from its origins up to the present day The city comes to life before your eyes! Working from Spot Image satellite imagery and 2-D and 3-D models Terre des Villes retraces the evolution of the city and its surroundings A wealth of interactive material There are several ways of navigating through the CD-ROM using encyclopædic index files Choose to go by theme period or place Visit the outstanding sites in the area The result of in-depth research by experts in urban history The reconstructions are the result of collaboration with a large number of authors and research consultants specialising in archeology history urban planning architecture geography and earth sciences INCLUDING The series trailer and a documentary on the making of the reconstructions With the BNF IAURIF IGN Spot Image and with the participation of the French National Cinematographic Centre and the Ministry of Economy Finance and Industry

  • 29,95 €
  • ISBN : 329-7-1800-0091-4
  • Date de parution : 10/04/2003
  • Format : Cartonné
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What the french press has said... Libération : Terre des villes is a real mine of information [...] a really exciting series " Zurban : "Reconstructions and satellite images - it feels as if one has wings Beware of vertigo [...] A truly exciting CD-ROM " Point de Vue : "If you want to find out about cities you couldn't ask for anything more " Télérama : "Histories of cities have already been done Dry texts But see Naples on this CD-ROM and it's like cinemascope " L'Express : "Two researchers have invented a new way of thinking about geography Riveting " Minimum Configuration Requirements PC Pentium II - 400 Mhz - 64 Mo of memory (128 recommended) - Windows 98/Me/2000/XP Mac PowerPC - 300 Mhz - 64 Mo of memory (128 recommended) - MacOs 8 6 to 9 2 2 and MasOS X "

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